Quiz timer

Use a quiz timer to discourage respondents from searching on the internet for the right answers as they'll be out of time. Or simply use it to build up the suspense!


This guide will teach you:

  1. Activate the timer
  2. Additional settings

1. Activate the timer

You'll find this feature in the Extra options tab. Scroll down and click Quiz timer.

Quiz timer- activate quiz timer

Now toggle to show quiz timer, to activate it.

Quiz timer- settings

2. Additional settings

Once you activate this feature, you can adjust the additional settings:

  1. Show quiz timer - toggle the button to turn on the feature. Remember, this is set up for the whole questionnaire.
  2. Timer value - this is the number of seconds your respondents have to finish the survey.
  3. Show countdown - choose whether or not you want a bar below your questions counting down the seconds until the time is over.
  4. Skip to a specific question when the timer has ended - Turn this on, and you'll be able to specify which question you want to skip to, for example to demographic data or contact data. If you leave it off, the survey will save and close when the time runs out.

Make sure to click Save changes!

Here's an example of how this feature looks:

Quiz timer- example

What's next?

  • View question results feature allows you to show to your respondents how many people answered the same way or differently. It can be interesting for respondents to see how other people answered the same question and compare their results.

  • Survey Widgets are different formats of content that you can include in your survey. This allows you to  display data, for example, in graphs or tables, based on the respondent's answer. If you include variables in your data fields, your charts will display customized data from the responses. You could choose to show an answer given to a question, the score from a question or question block, or many other variables. 

  • A leaderboard is a screen that you can choose to display at the beginning or end of the quiz or test showing everyone's scores. This feature can also be useful for companies so colleagues can compare test results and see where they stand in the company or team. It's also an easy way to see who has already taken the test and who has yet to do it.

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