Download your Results

Download your results to see and analyze all the data you collected from your survey. There are different options available, choose either a bulk download of survey results or files relating to individual responses.


You can choose between a few different formats:

  1. Bulk - Using this option allows downloading all survey responses. Choose between CSV format, Excel format, PDF format, or use Report Scheduler
  2. Individual downloads - Using this format you will be able to generate a specific response, either response detail PDF, ReportR PDF, or ReportR PDF (filtered)

We suggest downloading CSV files with less than 10.000 responses and Excel files with less than 5.000 responses. Files that exceed this limit have a higher chance of not coming through to you via email. Do you have more responses to your survey? You can make a new dashboard and apply a date filter to it. It will reduce the number of responses on that dashboard, and you will be good to go to get your data!


By default, our dashboards allow for displaying up to 5000 responses. If you have more than 5000 responses and you want to analyse them in the charts tab, you'll need to add filters to limit the number of responses. As for exporting the dataset via CSV or Excel, you'll get the full set of data if you remove your filters. 

If you have multiple filters, the first filter is applied to all your data (returning up to 5k responses), the next filter will then be applied to these 5k and not the total dataset.

By default, the dashboard displays data from the past month. To view and load all results, simply click on the filter, and press the X to delete the filter that only shows the past month's data. Make sure to click save and close to save the changes you've made to the filter settings.

Download your Results- remove the date filter

This guide will teach you:

  1. Bulk Downloads 
  2. Individual Downloads

1. Bulk Downloads

 1.1 CSV file

 1.2 Excel file

 1.3 PDF file

 1.4 Report scheduler

Download your Results- download options

The CSV, Excel, or PDF files are generated based on your dashboard. If you have applied a filter to the dashboard, only those results fulfilling the filter criteria will be included.

Start by heading over to the Results section. There are two ways to do this, either click on the responses icon on the Home screen or click the Results tab in the question editor.

Download your Results- responses

Download your Results- results tab

Click Download in the top right corner.

Download your Results- download button

1.1 CSV file

To get your CSV file, which includes all results, select CSV, type your email and simply click Download.

Download your Results- csv file

When the CSV file has been generated, you can either open or save the file. When you have over 1000 responses (and less than 2000), your CSV will be sent by email.

Learn how to convert the CSV file to an Excel file.

1.2 Excel file

Click Excel on the left-hand side, type your email and then simply click Download.

Download your Results- excel file

Then a box will pop-up where you can either open the file immediately or save it for later.

1.3 PDF file

If you want a ready-made report of all survey data, including charts, summary tables, and respondent data, choose the PDF option.

You will receive a link to the PDF by email. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly! Choose how you want to customize your PDF.

Download your Results- pdf file

You can only use the email link to the PDF once. If you need another PDF file, have another link sent by clicking on the PDF button again. If you didn't receive the email, check your spam folder. PDF links will expire 24 hours after generation so that the link can be used more than once in those 24 hours.

You can customize your PDF by turning on different features:

Download your Results- pdf download options

  1. Show Charts: the PDF will contain one chart per question.
  2. Show Summary table: this table will show the number of times a response was chosen, the minimum and maximum score, average score, etc. This cannot be turned on at the same time as Show Response tables.
  3. Show Response tables: this table gives a detailed overview of each response with the time and date of submission. This cannot be turned on at the same time as Show Summary table.
  4. Show Intro Field Data: when you have chosen to Show Response tables, you can also choose to show the information you collected in your Intro fields.
  5. Show Respondent Data: when you have chosen to Show Response tables, turn this on to include respondent data in the Response table.

The "Show Response tables" feature can only show a maximum of 100 responses. If the survey has more than 100 responses, this feature is turned off automatically. This is because the PDF can't display all those responses. In such situations, it's advised to download the responses using a CSV/Excel file.

1.4 Report Scheduler

If you want to get a copy of the reports in your email on a recurring basis, you can set up the Report Scheduler.

Click Report Scheduler on the left side, and click Create Scheduler.

Download your Results- report scheduler

Download your Results- report scheduler

  1. Activate/ disactivate the scheduler
  2. Chose the report type - CSV or Excel
  3. Set up the time - when should it be sent
  4. Select where it should be sent - API or email
  5. Type in your subject and message, and select who you want to send it to

Download your Results- add filters

You can also add a filter to your Report scheduler. Don't forget to save it!


You can also get PDF reports by going to the Responses tab and selecting the responses you want.

Download your Results- download pdf

2. Individual Downloads

There are three options available for individual responses:

2.1 Response Detail PDF
2.2 ReportR PDF
2.3 ReportR PDF (filtered)

Download your Results- individual downloads

2.1 Response Detail PDF

This option allows you to get a PDF that displays all the survey questions, possible answers and the responses given by a particular respondent.

When you're in the Results section, click the Responses tab. You'll see a table with rows of individual responses. Click on the circled icon to view a particular response.

Download your Results- responses

While you are viewing an individual response, you can get that response as a PDF by clicking Download and then select Response detail PDF and click Download. A PDF will be produced for you to open or save.

Download your Results- response detail pdf

This is an example of a response detailed PDF.

Download your results - pdf example

2.2 ReportR PDF

This feature is available if you're on the ReportR plan. If you have created a personalized PDF report for a particular questionnaire, you'll see an extra option to get a ReportR PDF. This will allow you to have the PDF report of that particular response. 

When you're in the Results section, click the Responses tab and click on the circled icon to view a particular response.

Download your Results- responses  

Click on the download icon to get the PDF report of the particular response you have chosen.

Download your Results- report pdf

This is an example of a ReportR PDF:

Download your results - pdf example

2.3 ReportR PDF (filtered)

You can have a PDF report which was generated according to your set-up. This feature is available if you're on the ReportR plan. If you have created a personalized PDF report for a particular questionnaire, you'll see an extra option to download a report template PDF. This will allow you to get the exact copy of the PDF report your respondent got when finishing the survey. 

You can either click on the download icon right away, to get the PDF report which you have set up. Alternatively, you can click the orange button to add filters.

Download your Results- report pdf filtered


If you add a filter, the system will download the latest response that meets this criteria (i.e., no bulk downloads possible). Click the arrow to access the drop-down menu of all of the possible parameters you can use for the filter. You can click the orange button again if you want to add extra filters, which will be in addition to (AND) or instead of (OR) the first filter that you set up.

Download your Results- add filters

When you've set up the filter, click the download icon to get the latest report that meets the filter conditions. 

Note that the filters you have set do not get saved, so the next time you want to have another report template PDF, just follow these steps again.

What's next?

  • Use Google Analytics to capture extra data that will allow you to make analyses across different channels. For example, to check if there are discrepancies between your website visitors and your social following.
  • Zapier integration - Zapier is a tool that enables the transfer of data from one web app to another one. By using Zapier in combination with Pointerpro, you can send the data collected within your survey to create contacts in Pointerpro or send data to apps such as Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Trello, and many more.
  • Integromat integration - With the Pointerpro integration, you have loads of possibilities of actions that can be executed by Integromat when you receive a new survey response - integrate with Google Sheets, Twilio, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and many more. Integromat offers similar features to Zapier but is more powerful as you can set a single event to trigger a number of different actions to be taken simultaneously.
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