Requiring payment to download the report

If you require payment from your respondents to download their personalized PDF report after completing your survey, you have to set up a second survey where the respondents will complete the payment and then download their report.


This guide will teach you:

  1. Create a new survey and set up a payment question
  2. Redirect the respondent to the payment screen 

1. Create a new survey and set up PayPal 

Create a new survey where you will redirect the respondent for the payment. At the intro screen add a prefilled intro Text- Single Line field and write the value Session SignatureRequiring payment to download the report - intro screen


The value Session Signature permits the system to identify who is the respondent that completed the survey and wants to pay to download the report!

Add only one question to your new survey. From the question types list, select the PayPal question and then follow the steps of our PayPal help guide to set it up, so the respondent can complete the payment. Alternatively, you can use Stripe. Take a look at this guide to set it up.

After completing the PayPal or Stripe setup, the final step is to add the PDF report that the respondent will download. To do that, copy the Download link that is located at the Share tab.

Pay to download the report- copy download link

Then paste it at the Download button at the final screen.

Pay to download the report-download button link

Replace the *|session_signature|* variable at the PDF link, with the *|intro_field1_response|*.

Now that you have completed the creation of your new survey, it is time to copy its link and go back to the original survey.

To copy the link, go to your questionnaire's Share tab and click the Copy button.

Pay to download the report- copy questionnaire link

2. Redirect the respondent to the payment screen

Since you successfully created your new survey, it is time to link it with your original survey! Paste the new survey link you copied before at the Final button of your original survey final screen. Now add the pre-filled URL parameter 

/?cf1=*|session_signature|* after the link you just pasted, as you see at the picture below. 

Pay to download the report- paste final button linkWith this button now you can redirect the respondent to your new survey.


You can also place this link in your outcomes instead of the final page with a custom button. Take a look at our custom button guide to learn you can do that.

Now when a respondent completes your survey, he will see a screen like this one.

Pay to download the report- final screen

When he will click the download button, he will be redirected to the second survey, where he will see the payment screen.

Pay to download the report- payment screen

After the payment is complete, the respondent will be able to download his report!

Pay to download the report- download the report

What's next?

  • Add outcomes: Outcomes feature offers the possibility to make personality quizzes and business tests that end with advice based on the respondent's answers. That way, you can show to the respondents a final screen based on their answers to all questions or show a screen based on criteria that you have specified.
  • Add formulas with question logic: Set up your questionnaire with Formulas and Question logic to add a value to a formula when a certain condition is met. This can be done on a specific answer to a question, on a custom score on a question block, or even an intro field.
  • Share Your Questionnaire: Share your surveys, quizzes, and assessments by using a questionnaire link, QR Code, email, and embedding it. Select the way that suits your needs more and start sharing your questionnaire to increase the response rate and collect more data. 
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