Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide

Design your questionnaire quickly and easily. You can either choose a template or start from scratch and edit the settings that suit your needs. 


This guide will teach you:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Add a logo
  3. Change the colors

1. Choose a Template

To change the design of your survey, go to the Design tab.

Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide- design tab

Select a ready-made template to give your questionnaire a professional look. Scroll through the selection to pick your favorite.

Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide- templates

Give your company greater visibility by uploading your logo. Scroll down to the section Logo. Click Upload logo to insert your company's logo.

Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide- logo

If you decide that you want to use the logo colors, click Detect colors to automatically detect the colors from the logo you've uploaded. A box will pop-up displaying the detected colors and asking if you'd like to use those colors. Click Yes, please, if you're happy to use those colors in your design. If you're not sure about the colors, click No, thanks, for now.

Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide-detect colors

3. Change the Colors

If you wish to make changes to the background, you can upload any image you want by clicking Update background or if you prefer a solid color, pick any color you wish!

Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide- background

Don't forget to Save changes and Preview the questionnaire to take a look at what you've just created.

Designing your survey with the respondent in mind, making sure it is clear to read, intuitive, and user-friendly will help to boost the response rate.

Here are some more tips to help you design your survey optimally. 

  • Layout: you can choose between a left-aligned, centered or compact layout. Make sure you preview both desktop and mobile devices to make sure your design looks good on both. Just click on the drop-down menu underneath the little preview screen.
  • Text: you want your respondents to be able to read your text with ease. Take care to choose a font that is clear and colors that will show up against your chosen background.
  • Button color: make sure that the button color ties into your color scheme and that the link text color you've chosen will show up both against the background color and the link button color.
  • Progress bar: consider including a progress bar, especially in longer surveys, to inform respondents roughly how long the survey will take to complete and motivate them to keep going. Respondents who have already answered a few questions but don‚Äôt know how much more is going to be asked of them may just decide to drop-out.

What's next?

  • Intro screen  is the first screen your respondents will see when they're taking your questionnaire. When you're sending out a questionnaire, you'll want to give your respondents a bit of information before they start. You can do this with the Intro screen.
  • The Final screen aims to give a final message to your respondents, thank them for participating, give further instructions or leave some extra information. You can also display the respondent score like a percentage or a gauge chart and add your social media icons to enable your respondents to like or share your questionnaire, your Facebook page or website. 
  • Select different question types to make your questionnaire entertaining and interactive. Here's a quick overview of all the available question types, along with some best practices in case you have a hard time deciding which one you want or need.
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