Share your results dashboard

Share your results dashboard with colleagues or clients who don't have a Pointerpro account, by sending out a link directly to your results dashboard.



Before you share your results dashboard, make sure to create a new one. Sharing the All Results Dashboard will not work.

In this guide will teach you:

  1. Create a new dashboard
  2. Turn on sharing
  3. Adjust viewer settings

1. Create a new dashboard

Click on the word Dashboard and choose to make a new dashboard.

Share your results dashboard- create a new dashboard

2. Turn on sharing

To turn on sharing, click Options at the top of the screen to access these editing options. Make sure to turn on Enable public dashboard.

Share your results dashboard- enable shared dashboard

You can copy the Link and send it out or use the iframe code to embed it on your website.

If your results are sensitive, you can also add extra security by adding a password.

Share your results dashboard- add password


You will not be able to view the password once you have pressed Save and close, so be sure to remember or note down the password!

3. Adjust viewer settings

You can determine how much you want your colleagues to be able to do. Choose if you want to allow others to view the filters you have created, download results, and use the presentation mode.

Share your results dashboard- general viewers settings

If you have allowed filtering, viewers will be shown the filtered data. When the viewer clicks on the filter at the top of the dashboard, they can view the filter conditions. They will be unable to make their own changes to the filters that have been set up but can add filters by clicking on the orange + button.

Share your results dashboard- add filters


You can send out the link which automatically includes a filter! Just add a URL parameter, a customized part at the end of the link. For a filter based on an email address, add ?rid=EM_ and then the email address. 

You could also use a personal ID if you have allocated this or a unique ID. 

For personal ID, add ?rid=EXT_ to the end of the link and then the personal ID. 

For unique ID use ?rid=UID_ followed by the unique ID. 

Here's an example of how the shared board will look with a filter applied. The public link ended with ?

Share your results dashboard- shared dashboard


Note that when sharing your dashboard and you want to check how it looks when shared, it is advised to open it at a browser where you are not logged in your Pointerpro account.


By default, the chart type at the chart view is a bar chart. You can change the chart type and save it when you use a new dashboard, but not when you use the default dashboard. When you share the new dashboard, the chart type will be the one that you have selected and not the default bar chart.

What's next?

  • Charts view: allows you monitor the number of responses, the completion rate and the average duration of your surveys. You can also see graphical representations of the results of each question separately and the results of each question block of your survey.
  • Responses view, to analyze the responses you have collected, the last slide and last question when save on exit or save and continue is enabled. This is where device data and properties are included, if data collection setting is enabled.
  • Download your results to see and analyze all the data you collected from your survey. There are different options available, choose either a bulk download of survey results or files relating to individual responses. You can choose between CSV format, Excel format, PDF format, or use Report Scheduler.
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