When should I use Intro Fields or Form Questions?

You can use intro fields or a form question to collect demographic data. For example a name or an email address.


Use intro fields when you want to automatically insert data in your questionnaire. Ask your respondents to follow a link that already includes some extra data. E.g.: "su.vc/quiztitle/?cf1=TeamA". In this case “TeamA” will automatically be shown in the intro screen as one of your custom fields. In the results pages you will be able to filter/visualize data based on this intro field (e.g.: I only want to see the results for TeamB). For more information about intro fields please read Intro Fields and Pre-fill Intro Fields.

An example of how the responses of the Intro fields looks like:

When should I use Intro Fields or Form Questions?- contacts

If you want the respondent to leave his contact data (for example by presenting a tablet during an event) then you better use Form Questions. Several formats are available: email, date, drop-down menu, numbers, text area, opt-in.

What's next?

  • Use a quiz timer to discourage respondents from searching on the internet for the right answers as they'll be out of time. Or simply use it to build up the suspense! You can select how many time the respondents have to complete your survey and what will happen when their time is up.
  • View question results feature allows you to show to your respondents how many people answered the same way or differently. It can be interesting for respondents to see how other people answered the same question and compare their results.
  • Survey Widgets are different formats of content that you can include in your survey. This allows you to  display data, for example, in graphs or tables, based on the respondent's answer. If you include variables in your data fields, your charts will display customized data from the responses. You could choose to show an answer given to a question, the score from a question or question block, or many other variables. 
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