How to make a one-page survey?

Create a one-page survey to make it quick and fun for your respondents! With the question grouping feature, you can show all of your questions on one screen.


Go to the Extra Options tab.

How to make a one-page survey?- extra options

Scroll down to Question grouping & Question pool, which you'll find in the Questionnaire logic section.

Click it, and you'll see the box below. Your questions are in one question block. Toggle the button to group questions on the same screen.

How to make a one-page survey?- group questions on the same screen


Toggle the Question pool button to limit the number of questions on the respondent's screen

Now save your changes and preview your one-page survey! If your respondents are answering the survey on a mobile device, check that having all of the questions on one page also works well on a mobile device and that there is not too much to scroll through.

Read more about Question grouping and Question blocks.

What's next?

Why not consider using some of our other features to further enhance respondents' survey experience? Click on the link to go to the detailed guides:

  • Question logic– use rules in your survey so that respondents are only shown questions that are relevant to them. Question logic allows you to specify which question to go to or go to the end of the questionnaire, based on the answer to a preceding question, quiz score, or contact data. Alternatively, you can decide to show or hide certain questions based on the criteria you set. You’ll need more than one page of your survey for question logic to work effectively.
  • Auto skip - Auto Skip helps your respondents progress smoothly through the survey. Auto Skip will automatically slide to the next question once the answer has been selected by the respondent. You can also choose if you want to have respondents click Complete to finish the questionnaire or if it will automatically complete once the final question has been answered.
  • Fill in default responses – use this feature if you want to send respondents a survey with some prefilled answers. Although the answers that you prefill will be shown to respondents as if the question has been answered, they are still able to edit the answer.
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