How to set up a percentile calculation?

Set up a percentile calculation to show to your respondents at the final screen, how they scored in comparison to other respondents.


This guide will teach you:

  1. Calculate your scores per section
  2. Specify the rank order
  3. Specify the total number of responses
  4. Calculate the percentile
  5. Final Screen

Make sure your questionnaire is completed then head straight to the Extra Options tab and set up your custom score

percentile calculation-Custom scoring

percentile calculation-custom scoring example

Select Formulas in the Custom Scoring section, Click Create formula and add your formulas. 

1. Calculate your scores per section

Click Variables to access the drop-down menu of questionnaire variables that you can use in your formula.

Add up the custom score values for each question to be able to rank your respondent's score.

percentile calculation-formula custom scorepercentile calculation-formula custom score

percentile calculation-custom score formula

2. Specify the rank order

Select a Formula to rank in order - this variable ranks the responses from the highest to the lowest.

percentile calculation-rank order formula

percentile calculation-rank order formula example

3. Specify the total number of responses

The response count of the questionnaire gives you the number of respondents who took your questionnaire. This formula collects the total number of respondents.

percentile calculation-response count formula

percentile calculation-response count formula example

4. Calculate the percentile

The rank order divided by the response count, multiplied by 100, will give you the percentage score. If you don't multiply it by 100, your results will show a number, e.g. you score better than 3/10 respondents.

percentile calculation-percentile formula

5. Final Screen

Set up your final screen and don't forget to add your final formula! You can use the same variables in your PDF report.

percentile calculation-formula to calculate percintile

percentile calculation-final screen example

What's next?

  • Use question types that support custom scoring to give a score to each answer, so that an overall score will be calculated at the end of the survey. Not all question types support this feature by default, however you can use formulas to add custom score to your forms, open ended and ranking inquiries.
  • Formulas "using all responses" and Formula Filters: This feature allows you to calculate formulas including all survey responses and make calculations taking into account all responses collected and not just a single respondent's information. Enable this feature so that you can calculate averages, count responses, and more.
  • Leaderboad feature allows you to show at the final screen everyone's results. When you take a quiz or test, it‚Äôs always fun to compare your results with others. This way you can see how well you‚Äôve really done. You can choose to display at the beginning or end of the quiz.
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