Presentation View

Use the Presentation view when you want to display your results in a presentation. You can easily switch between questions and show the answers and graphs in a clean and visual way to your audience.



Presentation view allows the user to present the survey results live to the audience in a clean and visual way, by separating each question results to a different slide.

In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. How to find the Presentation view
  2. Extra options
  3. Presentation view uses

1. How to find the Presentation view

There are two ways to access the Results of the Presentation view. You can click on the responses icon at the Home screen, or click the Results tab when you are editing your questionnaire.

Presentation View- responses

Presentation View- results

Once you are viewing Results, click on the Presentation tab.

Presentation View

The charts and text will be displayed with the primary color you choose for your survey. Open-ended questions will be represented by a list of the answers. Click on the arrows to navigate through the questions.

Presentation View

Close this view and return to your dashboard by clicking X in the top right corner. 


To include your logo and the logo colors read our guide A Quick Start Guide to design your questionnaire.

2. Extra options

In your dashboard, click Options to find extra features.

Presentation View-options button

Once you are on the page, to change some extra settings you can click Edit presentation.

Presentation View-edit presentation

  1. Enable Auto Refresh - If you are presenting your survey live while the respondents are still completing the survey (e.g.: during a training to show the scores of the quiz, during voting to show the progress), you can enable Auto Refresh to update constantly your data with the latest resultsIndicate after how many seconds the application should refresh the data. When you have multiple questions, the next question will show after that amount of seconds.
  2. Ranking - If you want to show the responses that have been selected more frequently.
  3. Limit Results - If you have a large number of results, turn on Limit Results and choose how many results to show. A useful feature if you have open-ended questions and don't want to show dozens of answers.

Create a Top 10 overview by turning on Ranking and set the Limit value to 10.

3. Presentation View Uses

Here are some ideas when this view can be useful:

  • When you are polling your audience at an event, show live the results as they come in. Invite your respondents to your voting session by sending them an email, an SMS or ask them to enter the link that you display on a screen. Let the respondents enter their vote. Present the results in real-time and include your logo (you can do this if you're on the Enterprise plan with the Campaign option). Use our automatic refresh feature to update incoming results.
  • At a training session, you can ask your attendees to answer questions at the end of a lecture, and give everyone a quick summary of the results, showing how many people from the audience grasped the topic.
  • When presenting a market research to fellow colleagues or senior staff, this feature offers a quick way to display your charts without having to create manually a presentation of your own. Just click between the different charts while talking through what the results show.

To present your results in real-time during a voting session, you need Enterprise or ReportR  plan.

What's next?

  • Charts view: allows you monitor the number of responses, the completion rate and the average duration of your surveys. You can also see graphs of the results of each question separately and the results of each question block of your survey.
  • Insights view: contains various details and information about the survey, according to your settings. Insights view allows you to monitor a range of metrics that give you information about performance, platforms, browsers, views and completion rate.
  • Responses view: allows you to analyze the responses you have collected, how a particular respondent answered, the last slide and last question when save per question or save and continue is enabled. This is where device data and properties are included, if data collection setting is enabled.
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