Embed a Dashboard on the Final Screen

Embed a Dashboard on the Final Screen to show to your respondents the survey results on the final screen. This is a very useful functionality if you wish to allow your respondents to see and compare their results with the total results. 


In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Create Result Dashboard
  2. Enable the embed option

1. Create Result Dashboard

It's quick and easy to set up! First, make sure you have created your results dashboard and make sure it is publicly available.

Here's a quick reminder how to make your dashboard public - on the Results page, click Options along the top, and then toggle to enable public dashboard. Click save and close.

Embed a Dashboard on the Final Screen-share your dashboard

You can determine how much you want your colleagues to be able to do. Choose if you want to allow others to view the filters you have created, download results, and use the presentation mode.

2. Enable the embed option

Now all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the final screen options, shown in the questionnaire editor.

Embed a Dashboard on the Final Screen-enable the embed option at the final page

Simply toggle to embed dashboard and you will now be able to choose which dashboard to display from the drop-down menu.


Make sure you select the dashboard after you have enabled the embed feature

Here's an example of the final screen with an embedded dashboard:

Embed a Dashboard on the Final Screen- embedded dashboard example

What's next?

  • Charts view: allows you monitor the number of responses, the completion rate and the average duration of your surveys. You can also see graphical representations of the results of each question separately and the results of each question block of your survey.
  • Responses view, to analyze the responses you have collected, the last slide and last question when save per question or save and continue is enabled. This is where device data and properties are included, if data collection setting is enabled.
  • Download your results to see and analyze all the data you collected from your survey. There are different options available, choose either a bulk download of survey results or files relating to individual responses. You can choose between CSV format, Excel format, PDF format, or use Report Scheduler.
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