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Add Social media icons to the final screen of your survey to enable your respondents to like or share your questionnaire, your Facebook page or website. You can add icons for the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The Social Media share option is an easy way to boost your social media marketing strategy and increase your brand awareness, as you engage your respondents and attract more by enabling them to share your questionnaire. 


Social media branding refers to the various actions brand owners take to increase their brand awareness on social media.

This guide will teach you:

  1. Facebook options
  2. AddThis options

1. Facebook options

1.1 Like questionnaire button

1.2 Share questionnaire button

1.3 Share URL button

Within your survey, click the Extra options tab. Scroll down to the Social media options.

Social Media- social media options

Now you'll see options for Facebook and AddThis. Let's look at each one individually.

Toggle the Add Facebook button and you can then choose which buttons you would like to have.

Social Media- add facebook button

1.1 Like questionnaire button

A Like button will appear at the end of your questionnaire. By clicking this button the respondent likes your questionnaire on Facebook.

Social Media- like button

This is how it looks on Facebook:

Social Media- facebook

1.2 Share questionnaire button

A share button will appear at the end of your questionnaire. By clicking this button the respondent shares your questionnaire on Facebook. The questionnaire title and Intro text will be included in the Facebook feed.

Social Media- share survey icon

When you click the share button you can add a comment to the link you are going to share.

Social Media- share on facebook

The Facebook post that will be displayed at the newsfeed will look like this:

Social Media- social media post


The image for the shared post can be edited by changing the logo image.

1.3 Share URL button

A share button will appear at the end of your questionnaire. By clicking this button the respondent shares the URL you’ve included here on Facebook.

Once you've selected the Share URL button, you can type in your own URL, title and even upload an image!

Social Media- share url button


If you toggle the button for Use Facebook Open Graph for fetch sharing information, Facebook automatically chooses a Title and Image for the Open Graph.

Here's how your survey could look with a Share URL button at the end:

Social Media- share on facebook

When you click the Share button you can add a comment to the link you are going to share.

Social Media- share on facebook

In your activity log on Facebook it will look like this:

Social Media- share on facebook


It's best to use a square logo, like the one at the image above, otherwise part of the logo will be cut off.

In your newsfeed the post will look like this:

Social Media- facebook post


The ideal pixel ratio of the social media share logo for LinkedIn & Facebook is 1200x627 or simplified 1200x630. The ratio is 1.91:1.

2. AddThis options

AddThis adds buttons to your final screen to share your questionnaire via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email. The URL, Intro Text, and Logo will be shared.


The meta tags for our surveys are generated for social media bots only. When viewing the questionnaire in normal browser the meta tags are not generated. Following data is taken:

  • title = questionnaire title
  • description = questionnaire intro text (can be hidden)
  • image = questionnaire logo
  • weblink = questionnaire url

Toggle the button to add the AddThis button to your final screen. You can then check the boxes of the buttons you want to add.

Social Media- add this option

  • Facebook will only be enabled when the main Facebook settings are disabled.

  • Twitter - Only the URL and the first 140 characters of the Intro Text will be shared on Twitter.
  • LinkedIn - Check this box to allow the respondent to share your questionnaire on LinkedIn.
  • Email - Check this box to enable the respondent to share your questionnaire via Email.

If you've checked all the boxes, this is what the buttons will look like on your final screen:

Social Media- social media icons


If you are using outcomes you need to toggle the Enable share options button in order for the social media icons to display at your final screen. You can find it at the outcomes tab, below the Redirect URL option.

Your logo will be shared with AddThis. If you want to change your logo, simply click on the Design tab and either click Upload logo if you have not yet uploaded one, or Update logo to change the current logo.

Social Media- update logo

What's next?

  • Embedding your survey allows you to display it in the webpage of your choice. It is the easiest way to let your respondents complete your questionnaire without ever leaving your web page. Embed your survey on a website, e-mail, anchor link, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media.
  • Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you to see actions people are taking on your website. Use Facebook Pixel with Pointerpro to find out how many people entered the survey via the Facebook ad, including how many started and completed the survey.
  • A Campaign shows a group of questionnaires all in one screen. This is a huge advantage and opportunity for you, as all your surveys can be accessed with just a single link. You can share your campaigns via a link, QR code, email, and more!
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