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Save per question feature makes sure the answers to the questionnaire are stored in case a respondent closes the browser before he completes the survey. You can turn on the Save and continue feature to let your respondents come back to the survey.


You have two options that can be used at the same time: Save per question (the response will be stored when the respondent closes the window but does not complete the survey completely) or Save and continue (this option allows respondents to return to the questionnaire and continue from where they left off). 


This guide will teach you:

  1. Save per question
  2. Save and continue

1. Save per question

Go to the Extra Options tab and scroll down to Other options.

Save per question- extra options

Activate save per question. Now all responses will be stored.

Save per question- enable Save per question

You can also activate this feature on intro screen. Activate this option if you ask for the name or email on the intro screen or even more information. If you don't gather any information on the intro screen, then there's no reason to activate this feature. The feature will start working from the first question when someone clicked 'start'.


When you use your survey in kiosk mode, turn off the feature to save per question on the intro screen.

2. Save and continue

Save per question- save and continue

Activate the feature here to let the respondent return to complete the questionnaire and specify how many times they are allowed to return. You must have a contact list set up so that respondents will be allowed to return to complete the questionnaire.

Save on exit- contact UID

When you send out your questionnaire, make sure the respondent is attached to the link in order that each respondent gets to see his/her answers from a previous time. You attach the respondent to the questionnaire by using the UID of each respondent in their survey:

save on exit- uid url

Save on exit- question with save on exit


When you use the Save per question feature, the answers are saved every 90 seconds as partial responses, but they are not pushed to your Google sheet immediately. If after 15 minutes the respondent has not returned to the survey to continue answering questions, the partial response will be pushed to your Google sheet. 

However, it’s possible to have duplicate records when a respondent takes 15 minutes to answer a question, which is why the same response can be pushed to Google Sheets twice.


When Save per question is active, and respondents click on the 'save & exit' button, they are redirected to a blank page. This is intended behavior and it means that the answer was saved. 

What's next?

  • Geolocation - When it is important for you to know where the respondents take the survey, you can turn on Geolocation. When the location on the device is turned on, you will receive the location in your results and in your Notification Email.
  • Question logic is a highly effective way to improve the flow of your questionnaire and tailor it to make it relevant to respondents. It allows you to specify which question to go to or go to the end of the questionnaire, based on the answer to a preceding question, quiz score, or contact data. Alternatively, you can decide to show or hide certain questions based on the criteria you set.

  • Outcomes is a feature that allows you to select what you will show to your respondents as a final screen, based on their answers to all inquiries or show a screen based on criteria that you have specified, such as a specific quiz score. This feature offers the possibility to create personality quizzes and business tests that end with personalized advice. 

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