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The zoom images feature allows your respondents to open your pictures in a separate pop-up, to see them in more detail. This is especially useful if you have a lot of pictures displayed on the same page or if the regular picture limits are not sufficient to display the details.


This guide will teach you:

  1. Activate Zoom Images 
  2. Example

1. Activate Zoom Images

Within your survey, go to the Extra options tab and scroll down to Other options. Now activate Zoom Images.

Zoom images-activate zoom images

2. Example

This feature is available for the Image choice question and for Images uploaded with the "Add Media button".

Zoom Images allows your respondents to view the question and answer pictures in a larger format. When a larger format is used, a magnifying glass appears and allows your respondents to zoom in.

This is an example of how this feature looks like:

zoom images- example

What's next?

  • Question Hint is a feature to help your respondents by giving them small hints for the answers. When you've activated this feature, a small question mark will appear above the question. If the respondent clicks the icon, they'll get a popup with additional information or a hint.
  • Fill in default responses – use this feature if you want to send respondents a survey with some pre-filled answers. Although the answers that you pre-fill will be shown to respondents as if they have already answered, they are still able to edit the answer.
  • Save contact details - If you're asking respondents for their personal information, why not save yourself time later. Rather than transferring the data collected to a new contact list, use our save respondent details feature to build the contact list automatically.
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