How can I delete my test results?

Go to Responses when you are viewing the results dashboard.

Delete test responses - Responses tab

Check the box at the top of the list to select all responses. Then click Delete selected responses. Be aware - this action is irreversible. 

Delete test responses - Delete selected responses button


If you only want to delete individual responses, you can do this one by one next to each individual response.

Delete test responses - delete individual response

Don't forget to reset completion rate if you don't want your test results included in this count. Click on Options in the Results tab and find the reset completion rate button under the Edit summary section.

edit dashboard - reset

What's next?

  • Your results dashboard – learn how to customize the dashboard to only show certain questions, choose which chart types you want to view, and lots more details. Our Create your Results Dashboard guide takes you through all of the different options.
  • There are different ways to view your results – choose between the charts view where the Results dashboard is located, individual responses view, or the Presentation view to display the answers and graphs in a clean and visual way to your audience.
  • For those signed up to the ReportR plan, Pointerpro offers you an incredible feature that allows you to create customized reports for your respondents, which they can download with a click of a button at the end of the survey. The Create your first PDF guide takes you through step-by-step to create a personalized report for each respondent that can include tailored advice, show their scores and how they compare to a benchmark, offer feedback, tips, and so much more!
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