Formula Ranking Table

Add a Formula Ranking Table to display the scores of your respondents on your quiz or surveys and give them an immediate feedback with their score ranked from highest to lowest.


You may have made a personality assessment, work-style assessment, or any other type of assessment and you want to give your respondents a feedback to show their strongest area. You can add the Table variable to your final screen and have all the work done for you in an instant! Here's an example of how it could look:

formula ranking table- example


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This guide will teach you:

  1. Set up custom score 
  2. Create formulas 
  3. Set up a Formula Ranking Table

1. Set up custom score

Using custom scoring to build a formula ranking table when each question is assessing a different category. Let's say you have an assessment measuring both IQ and EQ (Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence). We'll make an example of an assessment that has four questions. Q1 and Q2 measure IQ and Q3 and Q4 measure EQ. Now you want to set up a ranking table to show how respondents rate for IQ and EQ and which one is higher.

Once the assessment has been created, head over to the Extra Options screen and turn on Custom score

Formula Ranking Table- enable custom score

Now you'll be able to give each answer a custom score. These scores will be used in the calculations of the formulas.

Formula Ranking Table- add custom score

Go through each of your questions and assign the score that you wish for the different answers.

2. Create formulas

You can find the Formulas in the Extra Options tab.

Formula Ranking Table- create formulas

In our assessment example of IQ and EQ, we need to create two formulas, one for IQ and one for EQ. As we mentioned, Q1 and Q2 are measuring IQ, so we want to take the custom score for the answers to each of those questions for the IQ formula. The EQ formula will add the custom scores of Q3 and Q4.

Formula Ranking Table- create formulas

In the formulas section, here are the steps to follow to add the variables:

  1. Click Variables {X} button and select the custom scores you want to be counted for each score from the drop-down menu. In our example, we'll create the IQ formula by calculating *|q1_custom_score|*+*|q2_custom_score|*
  2. Create a formula for each score you want to calculate by repeating step 1. In our example, the EQ formula will be *|q3_custom_score|*+*|q4_custom_score|*
  3. Once you are finished, make sure to click apply to save all your changes

3. Set up a Formula Ranking Table

Now let's see how to include these calculations in the final screen where your respondents can view their score. Head right back to the Questions tab and scroll down to find Final screen. Type your text for the final screen and simply add the variable Formula Result Ranking Table which appears right at the bottom of the list of Variables. Adding this variable will make a table appear on the final screen showing the results listed with the highest score displayed first.

Formula Ranking Table- Formula Ranking Table variable

It's a good idea to add some text underneath the variable to explain to the respondent how to understand the scores they will see. Just type your text in the Final message box once you've added the variable. Make sure to Save changes and you're done!

What's next?

  • Question Block Custom Score Table shows your respondents how they scored in an assessment based on the Question Blocks you have created. It is a way to show your respondents in which areas they excel and which areas need improvement.
  • Outcomes is a feature that allows you to select what you will show to your respondents as a final screen, based on their answers to all inquiries or show a screen based on criteria that you have specified, such as a specific quiz score. This feature offers the possibility to create personality quizzes and business tests that end with personalised advice.
  • Add to formula with question logic: Set up your questionnaire with Formulas and Question logic to add a value to a calculation when a certain condition is met. This can be done on a specific answer to a question, on a custom score on a question block, or even an intro field.
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