Custom score

Custom score feature allows you to give points to each answer so that an overall result will be calculated at the end of the questionnaire. It's useful for example to rate customer or employee satisfaction. 



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The following short video explains how you can combine formulas and custom scoring features.  

This guide will teach you:

  1. Enable custom score
  2. Add weights
  3. How to Use

1. Enable custom score

Enable this feature to be able to show results at the end of the questionnaire based on the answers of your respondent. It can also be used to show different outcomes at the end of the survey. 

1.1 Turn on custom score

1.2 Go back to the Questions tab

1.1 Turn on custom score

Go to the tab Extra Options and click Custom Score and then toggle the button to turn on this option.

Custom score- enable custom score

1.2 Go back to the Questions tab

When you turn it on, go back to the Questions tab to edit your questions. You'll see boxes with a '0' value appear next to your answers. You can change the '0' to the points you want to add to every answer. When a respondent chooses an answer, these points will be added to his total points.

Custom score- add a custom score

Don't forget to save your changes! Afterward, you can see the and analyze the individual results in Responses view.


You can able/disable this feature on specific questions by toggling the button circled below:

Custom score- count custom score for this question


This feature can not be used together with Quiz questions.

2. Add weights


The weights feature is only available on the Enterprise and ReportR plan.

When you activate the custom score feature, the option to use weights will become visible. Enabling this option will allow you to make certain questions or question blocks have greater importance than others.

Custom score- score weight

Toggle to activate weights. Now when you go back to your questions, you’ll find a new option under your question text, to add weight.

Custom score- add a weight to your score

Here you can put in any value you like, so if you would want the answers to one question to carry double weight, enter a value of 2. The answer points will then be multiplied by 2.

To add a weight to multiple questions at once, head over to Question grouping & Question pool in the Extra Options tab. Here you can add a weight  which will be calculated on all the questions within this question block.

Custom score- score weight

3. How to use

  • Don't show the results to the respondent but collect his points for your evaluation in the results. For example, to evaluate an event and convert the answers to a number for a concrete satisfaction number without having the respondent give you an official number or seeing one.
  • To show outcomes in assessments and quizzes. Use the outcome screen to give extra information or examples based on the respondent's points. 
  • To show an overview of the results on the final screen or in the email template using variables (this can also be per question block/category).
  • You can use formulas to calculate, for example, the total custom score. You can use the formulas you have created in other features like outcomes and email templates.

What's next?

  • Use question types that support custom scoring to give a score to each answer, so that an overall score will be calculated at the end of the survey. Not all question types support this feature by default, however you can use formulas to add custom score to your forms, open ended and ranking inquiries.
  • Formulas "using all responses" and Formula Filters: This feature allows you to calculate formulas including all survey responses and make calculations taking into account all responses collected and not just a single respondent's information. Enable this feature so that you can calculate averages, count responses, and more.
  • Leaderboad feature allows you to show at the final screen everyone's results. When you take a quiz or test, it‚Äôs always fun to compare your results with others. This way you can see how well you‚Äôve really done. You can choose to display at the beginning or end of the quiz.
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