Campaign Leaderboard

Campaign Leaderboard allows you to show the total results of your campaigns. The leaderboard will display the total result of all quizzes. For each participant or team, the custom score, quiz score, and time was taken are calculated by adding up the scores for all of the quizzes.



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This guide will teach you:

  1. Set up tracking respondents' progress
  2. Accessing the Leaderboard
  3. Layout of the Leaderboard

1. Set up tracking respondents' progress

You'll first need to Create a campaign by grouping together a number of existing questionnaires. 

Now you'll need to make sure that you're tracking respondents so that their results will show up on the leaderboard. The easiest way to do this is by sending a personalized link in the text of the campaign email invitation

2. Accessing the Leaderboard

Once you've shared the invitation and the results are rolling in, click on the Extra options tab when you're in the Campaigns editor.

Toggle to turn on the campaign leaderboard feature, and think click copy and you'll have the link to the board to use and distribute.

Campaign Leaderboard- enable leaderboard

You can choose to display or not to display the features like name, custom score, quiz score, and show duration.

3. Layout of the Leaderboard

Click the arrow circled below and you'll access the drop-down menu where you can select which stats you want to display on the leaderboard.

Campaign Leaderboard- leaderboard

If two people or teams have identical scores, the one who finished faster will be shown at the top.

What's next?

  • URL Parameters to track campaign progress: A URL parameter is the final part of the URL which you can customize and use to identify someone. For example, to identify someone by their email address, the URL could look like this:
  • Require questionnaire sequence: You can require respondents to take the questionnaires in the order that they are presented. They will only gain access to the second questionnaire when they have completed the first one. You can only use this feature when you attach your respondents to the campaign upfront.

  • You can share your campaigns via a link, QR code, email, and more! A Campaign shows a group of questionnaires all in one screen which can be accessed with just a single link. 

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