URL Parameters to track campaign progress

Use URL Parameters to track campaign progress. A URL parameter is the final part of the URL which you can customize and use to identify someone. For example, to identify someone by their email address, the URL could look like this: pointerpro.com/pcsc/?rid=EM_jdoe@gmail.com



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With this feature you will be able to:

  • See which of your contacts have completed the campaign or how far along they are
  • Filter contacts in the Responses view once they've completed the campaign

This guide will teach you:

  1. Send a personalized link
  2. Follow respondents' progress

1.1 Share via email invitation

1.2 Share via manual link

1.1 Share via email invitation

Go to My Contacts tabs and upload the contacts to whom you want to send the campaign. You can either upload a list of contacts by clicking Upload contacts or enter contacts individually by clicking on the Create contact button. 

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- create contact

Now that your contacts are uploaded, the easiest and quickest way to send out personalized URL links to contacts is by sending email invitations. Start by clicking on the avatar icon on the top-right hand corner of the screen, and click Email Invitations.

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- email invitation

Then, click create email under Campaigns with email invitations. Name your email invitation and add your name and email address. Choose the contact list you want to send the email invitation to, and now you'll be ready to write the email body.

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- variables

Write the text of the message and when you're ready, click variables and you'll find a list of different types of variables that you can add to the invitation. 

We recommend adding a clickable link with email, or for added security, choose a clickable link with unique ID. For whichever link you choose, the system will automatically create and send out unique campaign links to each contact and they will receive an email with your message and a link which they click on to start the campaign. This link is unique for them and the system will then be able to identify them, so you will see in the Responses view the list of completed campaigns, including their name and email address so you can also filter the list.

But what if you forgot a few contacts and you also want to send them personalized links? Or maybe you want to send someone a link by SMS? You can easily make your own link with a URL parameter. Let's see now how to do that.

At the top of the Campaigns Share tab, you will find the campaign links. Click copy to make a copy of the link.

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- share

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- UID

Now that you have the link, you can use different fields from the contact information to add to the end of the link. It will be easier to follow with an example, so take a look at the first contact in our list:

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- UID

If we want to email Steven a personalized link, here's what we'll do. Take the campaign link that you have copied, and add /?rid= to the end of the link. Then choose either of the following endings:


For maximal safety, the use of the unique identifier is recommended because its value cannot be 'guessed'. This is the unique number that the system automatically assigns to each contact.

2. Follow respondents' progress

The campaign menu and the underlying questionnaires look exactly the same whether they are launched with a respondent identifier or without (anonymous mode):

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- follow respondent's progress

When a respondent has completed a questionnaire, this becomes visible in the campaign menu:

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- follow respondent's progress

To see all respondents, scroll down to All Campaigns at the bottom of the Home screen, and click the icon to view respondents.

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- respondents

This displays the respondents along with the total score (if a score was added to the survey/quiz) and the progress. The progress is the number of surveys/quizzes already taken by the respondent vs. the total number of surveys/quizzes.

URL Parameters to track campaign progress- results

Click Filter to view only certain respondents' results.

What's next?

  • Campaign Leaderboard allows you to show the total results of your campaigns. The leaderboard will display the total result of all quizzes. For each participant or team, the custom score, quiz score, and time was taken are calculated by adding up the scores for all of the quizzes.

  • Require questionnaire sequence: You can require respondents to take the questionnaires in the order that they are presented. They will only gain access to the second questionnaire when they have completed the first one. You can only use this feature when you attach your respondents to the campaign upfront.

  • You can share your campaigns via a link, QR code, email, and more! A Campaign shows a group of questionnaires all in one screen which can be accessed with just a single link. 

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