Multiple Outcomes Example

Multiple outcomes feature allows you to show to your respondents a final screen with multiple different results based on their answers or other criteria you have specified. 


This is a very useful feature that you can use to show multiple messages as your quiz results and to categorize, and personalize your final pages.

This guide will teach you:

  1. Create your questionnaire
  2. Create Question blocks
  3. Create outcomes

1. Create your questionnaire

Create your survey and make sure you have added all of your questions. 

Multiple Outcomes Example- create questionnaire

2. Create Question Blocks

After you're done adding your questions, head to the Extra options tab and click Question grouping & Question pool. All of your questions are going to be in one block. Move your questions into separate Question blocks. Read more about Question grouping & Question blocks.

In this case, we will separate our question into two parts; Part 1 and Part 2. 

Multiple Outcomes Example- create question blocks

Multiple Outcomes Example- question blocks

3. Create your outcomes

After you're done separating your question into different blocks, you can start creating your Outcomes. First, go ahead and toggle the button for Multiple outcomes.

Multiple Outcomes Example-activate multiple outcomes

Now, we'll create separate outcomes for both Part 1 and Part 2.

Multiple Outcomes Example- create outcomes

It's time to decide when each result will be shown. In this case, we want the results to be shown based on the custom score achieved on question blocks.

Multiple Outcomes Example- add conditions

After you have finished your setup all, the final page will look like this:

multiple outcomes example

Don't forget to click Save changes, and you're done!

What's next?

  • Create your PDF report: Just like you can show your respondents a customized outcome screen or send a follow-up email based on results, the PDF feature will formulate a personalized report for your respondent, with customized advice, feedback, tips, or any other content that you have set up, all based on their questionnaire answers.
  • Add to formula with question logic: Set up your questionnaire with Formulas and Question logic to add a value to a formula when a certain condition is met. This can be done on a specific answer to a question, on a custom score on a question block, or even an intro field.
  • Email templates feature allows you to send messages to your respondents based on their selected answers or a quiz/survey score. This is a great way to keep your respondents engaged. Email templates are so useful because each message can be customized according to each respondent's answers or score using editor variables.
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