White labeling

White labeling allows you to remove Pointerpro's brand and logo from our product and replace it with your own. There are a lot of possibilities for branding your questionnaire by design. But if you want to fully brand your questionnaire by using your own link, you can white-label your questionnaire.



White labeling removes the brand and logo from a product or service by replacing it with the branding requested by the customer.


White label feature can't be used with Recaptcha.

We offer three solutions for white labeling: white labeling the survey URL (the questionnaires will be white-labeled), white labeling the email domain (you will be able to send out emails using your own email domain from within the app), and white labeling on the editor (the software will be white-labeled).

This guide will teach you:

  1. White label the subdomain
  2. White label the email domain
  3. White label a campaign
  4. White label the editor
  5. White label the Distribution Portal
  6. Dedicated IP

1. White label the subdomain

White labeling the subdomain allows you to change the URL of the survey. The URL looks as follows: s.pointerpro.com/examplesurvey or su.vc/examplesurvey. You can use your own domain to access your surveys by adding a DNS CNAME record for a subdomain: s.[yourdomainname].com/examplesurvey 

How to set up a white-labeled URL for the mobile application:

  1. Create subdomain s of the URL for the mobile survey app - s.[yourdomainname].com
  2. Set DNS CNAME record on the subdomain with value - survey.whitelabel.pointerpro.com
  3. Send us the following:

    - Your white labeled URL

    - A redirect URL that will be used to redirect when a questionnaire is not active or does not exist. This can be your homepage or similar

  4. We add the URL to our white list - you will be able to access the survey on s.[yourdomainname].com

White labeling- CNAME

2. White label the email domain

2.1 Create DKIM records

2.2 Create SPF record

2.3 Verification email

The emails get sent out from within the app (with email templates or email invitations) - from info@su.vc. The sender address can be set up as the email of your preference. When someone responds to your email their message will be forwarded to info@su.vc, which after it gets forwarded to your email. The receiver gets the white-labeled email on your domain.

The emails that are sent will have a higher priority than info@su.vc and are less likely to get spammed.

How to configure the emails created in Pointerpro to be sent in your own domain: (for this work you need to do some DNS configuration on your domain)

2.1 Create DKIM records

In DNS settings of [yourdomainname] you need to add a TXT record to the domain mandrill._domainkey.[yourdomainname] 

With the following value:

v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCrLHiExVd55zd/IQ/J/mRwSRMAocV/hMB3jXwaHH36d9NaVynQFYV8NaWi69c1veUtRzGt7yAioXqLj7Z4TeEUoOLgrKsn8YnckGs9i3B3tVFB+Ch/4mPhXWiNfNdynHWBcPcbJ8kjEQ2U8y78dHZj1YeRXXVvWob2OaKynO8/lQIDAQAB;

2.2 Create SPF record

In the DNS setting of [yourdomainname] you need to add a TXT record with a value

v=spf1 include:spf.mandrillapp.com ?all

If you already have a TXT record with SPF information, you'll need to add


in the record (before the last operator, which is usually ?all, ~all or all-)

2.3 Verification email

We also need to send a verification link to an email address ending in @[yourdomainname]. The verification email will need to be forwarded to support@pointerpro.com to complete the verification.

Alternatively, you can create a TXT record in your domain's DNS records with the following value:


White labeling- TXT record

Let us know if you have any questions. If you're not sure how to update DNS settings, we can do it for you if you can give us access to the domain configurations. More info on these verification steps can be found in the documentation of Mandrill.

3. White label a campaign

White labeling your campaign allows you to change the URL of your campaign. To set it up you would have to create a DNS CNAME in the following way:

  1. Create a subdomain campaign (can be anything) of the URL for the mobile survey app -
  2. Set DNS CNAME record on the subdomain with value - p.whitelabel.pointerpro.com

Then we add the URL to our white list, in order for you to will be able to access the survey on 


4. White label the editor

The editor application can be white-labeled to allow your users to create and manage questionnaires from your own URL.

The white-labeled editor application can also be configured with your own logo, icon, colors, and a custom design template for the questionnaires. The white-labeled URL will automatically support HTTPS.

Example: The editor application is accessed by default at https://app.pointerpro.com.

With a white-labeled editor application, you can access the editor application at https://app.[yourdomainname].com.

White labeling- white label the editor

  1. Have your custom domain name ready ([yourdomainname].com). If you also choose to have the questionnaire application white-labeled it is required to use the same root domain.
  2. Create a subdomain app on that domain (app.[yourdomainname].com).
    The use of the app as a subdomain is required.
  3. Set a CNAME record on the subdomain with the value - app.whitelabel.pointerpro.com 
  4. Send us the following: 
    1. Your white-labeled URL
    2. Your logo will be used as a logo in the editor and as a logo in the custom design template. Must be PNG and min. 975px width or height.
    3. Your icon will be used as a smaller logo in the editor app on the questionnaire and the reporting pages. Must be PNG min. 175px width or height. Square size is recommended.
    4. Your favicon will be used in browser tabs, bookmarks, etc., and as a favicon of in the custom design template. Must be PNG min. 175px width or height. Square size is recommended.
    5. Your primary color in hexadecimal web format (#RRGGBB). Replaces Pointerpro purple in the CSS of the editor app and will be used as the primary color and link color in the custom design template 
    6. Your secondary color in hexadecimal web format (#RRGGBB). Replaces Pointerpro orange in the CSS of the editor app and will be used as the background color and button color in the custom design template 
    7. Your title will be shown as the name of the app in a browser tab, bookmarks, etc., and used as the name for the custom design template

Note that some functionality is restricted in a white-labeled editor application. 

The following functionality is not included:

  • Registration of new users
  • My Account 
  • Pricing page
  • Links to help guides
  • Contact support button
  • Some emails that are sent from the app (like add team member)


Whitelabel users can only log in on their white label domain, and not on our app.pointerpro.com domain.

5. White label the Distribution Portal

5.1 Distribution Portal URL


5.3 Domain verification

5.1 Distribution Portal URL

Create a DNS CNAME record that points to dp.whitelabel.pointerpro.com 

Example: dp.[yourdomainname].com => dp.whitelabel.pointerpro.com


Create CNAME record that points to api.whitelabel.pointerpro.com

Example: api.[yourdomainname].com => api.whitelabel.pointerpro.com

5.3 Domain verification

Create a new DNS record (TXT) on the top level of your domain containing the value underneath to verify the domain. They will only be able to use this domain as the sender of their campaigns in Distribution Portal when it's verified correctly.

You can find the verification record value under My Team - Domain verification

White labeling- organizational settings

6. Dedicated IP

There is also an option to make use of a dedicated IP when sending white labeled emails from the Pointerpro platform. In most use cases this is overkill but it can be an alternative if you cannot configure DKIM and SPF records or if you don't want to make use of shared IPs.

  • On your request, we can arrange a dedicated IP for you. This step takes 1 to 2 working days
  • Set up an A record on the email domain to the dedicated IP that you will receive from us. You must use a subdomain (like mail.mydomain.eu) and not a root domain (like mydomain.eu). The domain must also match the email domain you would like to use to send emails from
  • Send us the domain you set up the A record on. We will complete the configuration. This step also takes 1 to 2 working days

What's next?

  • View your invoices: Here is where you can find your recent invoices listed, with a download icon at the end of the row where you can download individual invoices. If you're looking to see an older one, you can just select the View all invoices button.
  • Do you want to change your email address or password? You can ask for a new password to be sent by email if you forgot your secret code, or just change your password for security reasons. Either way, you can change your email address and password in just a few easy steps or you can contact us for help.
  • Team management: With this feature, you can manage what the different team members have access to. You can set up who is allowed to edit the questionnaire or who you only want to give viewing rights to. You could also allow team members to view the reporting dashboard.
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