Account Management

Account management permits you to switch between our different plans and edit your billing information, cancel your subscription or your account. 


This guide will teach you:

  1. Edit your billing info
  2. Make Changes to your Plan
  3. Cancel account

1. Edit your billing info

Click on the three dots shown at the top right corner of the screen. Choose My Account

Account Management - My Account

Scroll down to the section called Billing info. Click Edit billing info to edit your billing address and credit card number. Here is also where you can display and download your invoices.

Account Management - edit billing info

2. Make Changes to your Plan

2.1 Upgrade

2.2 Downgrade

2.3 Cancel subscription

Further down at My Account screen and you can find Your Plan. Here is where you can change your plan - upgrade to get loads more great features, downgrade, cancel your subscription or your account to change to the Free Plan.

Your Current plan is shown at the top of the box. Click Upgrade my account to view all the plans and Upgrade or Downgrade the plan you're on currently.

Account Management - change current plan

2.1 Upgrade

Upgrade and choose an account that will offer you more great features! The features included in each plan are listed below the price so you can choose the plan to suit your needs. Your current plan is indicated by a tick. Click Sign up or Contact us to upgrade to an Enterprise or ReportR so we can set up the perfect plan for you!

Account Management-types of plans

2.2 Downgrade

Your current plan is highlighted (Professional in the image below). Click Downgrade to move to a lower level subscription. Don't forget you'll have fewer features available on a lower plan, so think before you click!

Account Management-downgrading your plan

2.3 Cancel subscription

If you think you won't be needing your account for a while, you can cancel your subscription and move to a free account keeping all your work intact.

Scroll down the My Account page to the bottom section Saying goodbye. Click Cancel subscription to downgrade to the free plan.

Account Management- cancel subscription

3. Cancel account

We're sorry to see you go. If you're really sure you want to leave us, scroll down the My Account page to Say goodbye and click Cancel account. This action is irreversible and all of your surveys and quizzes including results will be deleted.

Account Management - cancel account

What's next?

  • You want to change your email address or password? You can ask for a new password to be sent by email if you forgot your secret code, or just change your password for security reasons. Either way, you can change your email address and password in just a few easy steps or you can contact us for help.
  • White labeling: You can remove Pointerpro brand and logo from our product and replace it with your own. There are a lot of possibilities for branding your questionnaire by design. But if you want to fully brand your questionnaire by using your own link, you can white-label your questionnaire.
  • Team management: With this feature, you can manage what the different team members have access to. You can set up who is allowed to edit the questionnaire or who you only want to give viewing rights to. You could also allow team members to view the reporting dashboard.
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