Save as template

Save as template feature allows you to save a specific questionnaire as a template for your organization. After you have saved it, other team members can use it to create a new questionnaire. 


This feature is only visible to the owner of the organization or the user with the role 'Administrator.' Read more about Team management to learn the different team member roles.

This guide will teach you:

  1. Create the template
  2. Use the template 

1. Create the template

Go to the Share tab and click on Save as template.

Save as template- enable save as template

After you toggle the button, the questionnaire will be saved with the template flag and linked to the organization.


The template title is the title of the questionnaire. 

2. Use the template

The saved template will be accessible when you create a new questionnaire and is available for all team members within the organization.

When an organization has a lot of users and an admin saves a survey as a template, all the users that try to create from scratch a new survey, they create the survey that it is saved as a template instead.

Another way to use it, is if you click the Use button, under the name of the survey.

Save as template- example templates


The first created survey template from an organization is automatically used with "start from scratch". All organization users will use that template when they create a new questionnaire. To reverse this, the administrator has to turn off the save as template feature. 

What's next?

  • To track your survey respondents you can add intro fields to your survey. This way, if you have users accessing your questionnaire from a few different sources, for example Facebook, LinkedIn, and your company website, you will know which medium they used to access it.
  • The results dashboard is the page showing all results collected from your questionnaire. You can customize your results dashboard by choosing different filters such as date, specific questions and answers you want to see, add gauge charts and more.  
  • Download your results: When you've collected your results and are ready to download them, there are different download options available - either a bulk download of survey results or choose to download files relating to individual responses.
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