Require Contact

Require Contact is a feature that allows you to control who can access your survey and makes the questionnaire only accessible to contacts. If validation fails, the participant is not able to fill in the survey but a configurable message will be displayed instead.



Contacts are the people you invite to participate in a questionnaire or campaign. Your contact list is the list of people to whom you will send an email invitation to complete your survey. 

This guide will teach you:

  1. Enable Require Contact  
  2. Setting up the messages  
  3. Upload contacts
  4. Setup an email invitation

1. Enable the Require Contact

Go to the Share tab and click on the Require Contact.

Require Contact- enable require contact

After you toggle the button, only users with a valid link will be able to fill in the questionnaire, which means that they will need their personal survey link

The users with an invalid personal survey link or with the standard survey link will be blocked from filling the questionnaire and will see a message like the following.

Require Contact- error message

2. Setting up the messages

The message can be edited by the user. Go to the Extra Options tab and select Labels and Messages settings to customize all the messages of the survey.

Require Contact- labels and messages


You can also translate the messages to multiple languages!

Require Contact- multiple languages

3. Upload contacts

Head over to the My Contacts tab and upload the list of people to whom you want to send the survey. You can either upload a list by clicking upload contacts or create each respondent individually (click the Create contacts button). 

Require Contact- contacts

4. Setup an email invitation

The easiest way to send the personal survey link to your contacts is by setting up an email invitation. Make sure to select the clickable link with unique ID variable from the variables list.

Require Contact- Setup an email invitation

What's next?

  • Limit the responses of your questionnaire feature allows you to control the number of the respondents that are taking your survey. There are two ways to prevent the same respondent completing your survey twice, set restrictions per device or per user.
  • Adding Passwords allows you to control who can see and complete your survey, if you do not want your questionnaire to be viewed by just anyone, or if it contains sensitive information. You can choose between adding single or multiple passwords.  
  • A URL parameter is the final part of the URL which you can customize and use it to identify your respondents. They can be used to see which of your respondents have completed the questionnaire and to search for them in the Responses view once they've completed the questionnaire.
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