Invitation template

Create a standardized email invitation template for your questionnaire, that will automatically load whenever a user creates a new email invitation for this questionnaire.


This guide will teach you:

  1. Create a new Invitation template
  2. Setup the new Invitation template
  3. Use an Invitation template

1. Create a new Invitation template

You can create a new invitation template at the Share tab of your questionnaire. Scroll down to find the Invitation template tab and click on it.

Invitation template- create a new Invitation template

Once you turn on the toggle button "Prepare an email invitation template to be automatically loaded when any user creates a new invitation for this questionnaire", you will be able to add your email content.

Invitation template- create a new Invitation template

2. Setup the new Invitation template

Add a short and informative email subject, and avoid words that can mark your email as spam. You can find additional information here

Add the message of your invitation template. You can use the text editor to make your text more interesting by changing the font, color, size, adding emoticons and variables to personalize questions.

Invitation template- setup the new Invitation template

Don't forget to save your work before you close the survey.

3. Use an Invitation template

Now that you have set up the template, go to the email invitations and click +Add Email.  

Invitation template- use an invitation template

Instead of having an empty email invitation, the template you have created is already added. 

Note that your Distribution portal customers will also be able to see and use this invitation template. When the customer creates a new campaign, the template is loaded automatically.

Invitation template- distribution portal invitation template

What's next?

  • Invitation variables: Invitation variables are a way to set up and customize the variables that will be accessible when you create an email invitation either in Pointerpro or in the Distribution portal. This feature is particularly helpful when you need to include or exclude specific variables in the emails that you or your customers create.
  • Email notifications: Email notification feature allows you to receive a message every time the survey was completed. Enter your address and the address of colleagues who need to receive the messages as well.
  • Configuring your Distribution Portal: Our online Distribution Portal endows you with a great opportunity: to sell your assessments as valuable digital products, to a maximized audience. As a consultant, coach or agency, you want to deliver quality advice to as many customers as possible and Distribution Portal allows you to plug into e-commerce websites through the magic of our developers’ application programming interface
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