Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets integration to push your responses to a Google Sheet, and to track and analyze all your responses and results. 



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This guide will teach you: 

  1. Integrate Google Sheets
  2. Share your document

1. Integrate Google Sheets

Click on the Extra Options tab and scroll down to Integrations. Click Google Sheets.

Google Sheets- enable integration

Once you have clicked this tab, you should have the settings screen.

Google Sheets- settings

  1. Enabled - make sure to toggle this button on to enable the feature.
  2. Spreadsheet ID - copy the spreadsheet ID, which you'll find in the URL of your spreadsheet. Copy only the values between the "/d/" and the "/edit".
  3. Sheet Name - copy the name of the sheet - you'll find the name in the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  4. Create - click Create to test the connection and create the header row for your questionnaire.

If your sheets tab has a name that may be also a column, the responses are pushed to this column. ÔĽŅA solution could be to set the range value with sheet name and cell notation: "Survey SP22!A1", where Survey SP is the name and A1 the cell notation.


When you use Save per question feature, every answer is saved as a partial response, but it is not pushed to your google sheet immediately. If after 15 minutes the respondent has not returned to the survey to continue answering questions, the partial response will be pushed to your google sheet. 

However, it’s possible to have duplicate records when a respondent takes 15 minutes to answer a question, which is why the same response can be pushed to Google Sheets twice.

2. Share your document

Make sure to share your document with the user It’s a very important step in this process.

Google Sheets- share your sheet


If you have issues seeing your responses or want to test this feature out, you can go to your Dashboards, click the Responses tab and click on the details of the response. Then,  scroll down to click retrigger responses. 

Google Sheets- retrigger responses

What's next?

  • Use Google Analytics to capture extra data that will allow you to make analyses across different channels. For example, to check if there are discrepancies between your website visitors and your social following. Google Analytics is currently the most widely used web analytics service on the internet.
  • Google Tag Manager is a tag system that Google has created that can be used for tracking and analytics on websites. It can be used to track respondents' behavior in your survey, or to find out how effective an advert promoting your survey has been.
  • Zapier integration - Zapier is a tool that enables the transfer of data from one web app to another one. By using Zapier in combination with Pointerpro, you can send the data collected within your survey to create contacts in Pointerpro or send data to apps such as Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Trello, and many more. For example, to transfer email addresses collected in a survey to a Mailchimp email list.
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