What kind of devices and browsers are supported?

In general, our application runs on all modern devices and browsers.

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome: the latest and previous version
  • Safari 8 or higher
  • Firefox 63 or higher
  • IE11
  • Edge 16
  • Opera 55 or higher

Tablets and smartphones:

  • Android: the latest and previous version of Google Chrome is supported
  • iOS: from version 9.0

Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have a specific request: support@surveyanyplace.com.

Other questions you might have...

Can I get the Survey Anyplace app in the Apple App Store, the Windows Store, or the Android Store?

No, our solution is “app-less” in that sense. Instead, we use HTML5 technology to distribute Survey Anyplace through app.surveyanyplace.com. We can provide you with the ability to easily create your survey or quiz on our site, quickly distribute them to any mobile device, and easily retrieve your results without the hassle of installing anything.

How can I access the Survey on a Mobile Device or PC?

Simply open the browser (this is the app you use to surf the internet) on your device and enter the survey link or short link in the browser's address bar.


Alternatively, you can use a QR code reader to scan the survey QR code, and you will be redirected to the survey on your device without having to enter the weblink.


It's important to note that it is not needed to install an app from the app store to execute a survey on your device. Ensure your device is connected to the internet before starting a survey the first time. Read all the steps in accessing the survey guide.

What's next?

  • A quick guide to creating your own survey – this guide takes you through the steps from creating your new survey from scratch, adding text to the first screen, and adding questions to your survey. Learn how to edit the final screen respondents are shown, customize the design, and read an overview about your sharing options.
  • Overview of different question types – Survey Anyplace offers you over a dozen of different question types. Read this guide before you start if you want to be sure that you’re choosing the most suitable question type for your needs. Add a bit of fun to your survey to keep respondents engaged, and be sure to check out the scratch card and slot machine questions!
  • If you have a full list of straightforward text choice questions already written in Microsoft Word, don’t miss our Import questions options – it will save you loads of time.
  • Once you’ve created your survey, you have a few different options for how to distribute it – read the Share your questionnaire guide for more information.
  • Once your results start rolling in, it’s easiest to keep an eye on the data by checking the Results dashboard. You can customize the dashboard to only show certain questions, choose which chart types you want to view, and lots more details. Our Create your Results Dashboard guide takes you through all of the different options.
  • For those signed up to the ReportR plan, Survey Anyplace offers you an incredible feature that allows you to create customized reports for your respondents, which they can download with a click of a button at the end of the survey. The Create your first PDF guide takes you through step-by-step to create a personalized report for each respondent that can include tailored advice, show their scores and how they compare to a benchmark, offer feedback, tips, and so much more!

PDF ReportR Example

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