What is the maximum number of pages allowed per survey?

Technically there is no maximum number of pages allowed per survey, as we don’t limit the number of pages you can create. But our advice is to keep this number as low as possible in order to maintain the attention of the respondents. Furthermore, the standard amount of questions we suggest is 50. 



To show more than one question on the same page and make your questionnaire seem shorter, use the feature Question grouping. You can also activate or de-activate all questions in the question block with one click of a button. 

maximum number of pages per survey-question grouping


Another useful feature to make your questionnaire seem shorter, is the Question pool.  A question pool contains all the questions you've made and you specify how many of those questions to show to a respondent. 

maximum number of pages per survey-question pool

What's next?

  • Question Block Custom Score Table shows your respondents how they scored in an assessment based on the Question Blocks you have created. It is a way to show your respondents in which areas they excel and which areas need improvement.
  • Edit Design Settings to customize your survey's design to match your company colors and identity. There are loads of different features for you to play around with. Each one works independently, so choose as many or as few as you fancy to customize your design!
  • Custom score feature allows you to give points to each answer so that an overall result will be calculated at the end of the questionnaire. It's useful for example to rate customer or employee satisfaction.

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