How to link your survey with CRM, CMS, LSM or other Management systems?

I want to link my survey or quiz with my CRM, CMS, LMS, or any other management system. Does Pointerpro provide the right support for this? Yes, we’ve created many – bi-directional - links with different management systems.

Please let us know what you’d like to achieve and we’ll provide the appropriate solution. (


A Webhook is a notification sent over the web, which transfers data from one app to another when something happens. In the case of surveys, whenever a new response is entered, this triggers a notification to be sent automatically.

Find out more about our Webhooks Integration here.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a tool that enables the transfer of data from one web app to another one. Set up a Zap workflow to connect different apps, using a specified event as the trigger for starting the workflow.

Read about our Zapier integration.

Integromat Integration

Integromat allows you to automate many processes and simplifies the transfer of information between apps, saving you bags of time! Integromat offers similar features to Zapier but is more powerful as you can set a single event to trigger a number of different actions to be taken simultaneously.

Read more aboutIntegromat Integration.

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