How do I insert incentives in my survey or quiz?

We provide some fun incentives like a digital scratch card and a slot machine. These are standard functionalities (the scratch card is even available in our free license). Try to add a little quiz to your survey and give your respondents the feeling they’re playing a game while they’re giving you their feedback. Let them win a prize and automatically send them an email to confirm what they’ve won. Learn more about the scratch card,  the slot machine, or sending emails.

Here's an example of a scratch card:

Scratch card example

And here's how a slot machine is displayed:

Slot machine example

What's next?

  • Question logic – use rules in your survey so that respondents are only shown questions that are relevant to them. Question logic allows you to specify which question to go to or go to the end of the questionnaire, based on the answer to a preceding question, quiz score, or contact data. Alternatively, you can decide to show or hide certain questions based on the criteria you set.
  • Auto Skip will automatically slide to the next question once the answer has been selected by the respondent. You can also choose if you want to have respondents click Complete to finish the questionnaire or if it will automatically complete once the final question has been answered. Auto Skip is developed for single Text Choice, single Image Choice, and Rating questions. Questions will not automatically skip if Multiple Choice, Extra comments, or Group on-screen is enabled. 
  • Question grouping - You might want to show more than one question on the screen to make your questionnaire seem shorter. Use this feature for questions that are all on a related topic. If you really want a short survey, check out the making of a one-page survey guide.
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