What is the administrator role and is it possible to have more than 1?

An administrator is an individual who can create surveys/quizzes, manage the results pages and the application in general. An administrator is a person, not just a general email address that can be used by several individuals. If you want several individuals to create surveys and quizzes, this can be provided with our Enterprise License or ReportR License. 

For more info about these licenses please get in touch with our sales team (sales@pointerpro.com)

What's next?

  • Simultaneous logins caused a lot of issues in the past, like loosing work that has been done on the survey or the report template by one person and was deleted by another one. This is why, if you do not have the team management feature, you will see a warning message when you try to login to an account that you or your colleague is already logged in.
  • An online Assessment Center is a central repository where any company or agency – consulting, HR, or other – can manage their online assessments, as well as control who has access to them. Giving access can be done easily via a simple email invite.
  • Team Management feature allows you to control which team members in your organization are able to view or edit certain questionnaires and the corresponding results. You can create different teams, add members, change roles and even restrict certain features.

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