Can I use Survey Anyplace in offline mode?

Yes, this is a big advantage when the quality of the WIFI is not guaranteed or when you can’t connect to a 3G or 4G network. 90% of our features work in offline mode. Collect responses offline throughout the day, and the data will automatically be uploaded to the servers when the device connects to the WIFI or 3G/4G network later on.

The only features that are not supported in offline mode are the usage of YouTube movies, and MP4 files (movies), and the ability to work with the Facebook features as these require an online connection with Facebook.

Offline mode

The offline survey tool is perfect for conducting a survey at an event, in restaurants and shops, or if you want to conduct street interviews or surveys. While the offline survey tool offers all the convenience of an online survey, it still works when your internet connection is unstable or even if there's no WIFI connection at all.

In just a few clicks, our offline survey tool will help you to:

  • Come up with an entertaining format that you can style with tons of design templates.
  • Create engaging surveys that, in return, get higher response rates.
  • Share questionnaires that are accessible online and offline. (Collect responses at the moment, sync your data later!)

Read more on our offline survey features or on how to create an offline survey.

Can I buy Survey Anyplace for a one-off event?

Yes, you certainly can. When you purchase any of our licenses, you obtain the right to use the license for a period of one month. Downgrade to a free license within this period of one month, and the payments will automatically stop. Read more about it here.

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